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The Dream Decoder

What is dream decoding?
Dream decoding is identifying and interpreting symbols in your dream. Many different scientists believe many different ideas about dream interpretation. If you ask the question, "Why do we dream?", no one really has an answer. There are many different possibilities but no one knows for sure. Dream decoding is simply taking all the little details and symbols from you dream and making sense of it by putting all the little pieces together. Dreams can get pretty tricky sometimes but that might be for a reason. That is what I am here for.

If you have a dream you would like decoded, go ahead and send me a message, and i'll decode it as soon as I possibly can.
Nov 22 '13

ryans-wifeyxo asked:

I always have nightmares wherein I'm trying to kill someone who is trying to hurt me (I have them about being held captive mostly) and the person just won't die. (I also used to have nightmares about getting kidnapped out of my yard growing up)

I don’t believe you previous nightmares are relevant to this one. Kidnapping dreams are dreams of no control, whereas dreams when you are holding someone captive and attempting to kill them is a dream with full control. Many of these dreams are full about the need for power. It is a big part of your dream whether or not you know the person you are trying to harm, if it is a family member (Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Cousin) maybe you want more power over that person, if this person is anonymous then its more likely that you just yearn for more power in general.

This dream can also mean that you admire something about the person you are holding captive in hopes of acquiring that trait yourself.

If you want more information, I would suggest looking up “Committing a Crime”

Nov 22 '13

made-upmemories asked:

I had a dream last night and the most memorable part was that I had something rather large stuck to the roof of my mouth. It made it hard to talk and it gave me a lisp and I remember trying to get rid of it a couple times but it always came back...?

This is a very difficult type of dream to decode. Most mouth dreams have to do with your teeth, but tin this case yours did not.

It could mean you think something you new you are doing is a ‘bad fit’, maybe a new boyfriend/girlfriend, job, class, whatever it is, your subconscious may think that no matter how you alter the situation it will not suit your lifestyle an possibly make it more difficult for you.

Nov 22 '13

Anonymous asked:

I'm a girl who is trying to figure out whether or not she's bisexual or straight, and within the past month or so, I've had two strange sexual dreams with girls. In the first one, I was a guy, but in the second we were both girls. What makes it stranger (and disturbing) is both times a really close family friend was there. I'm just really confused.

Well, if you are trying to figure out whether you are bisexual or straight your dreams are probably trying to do the same thing. In my personal opinion, this dream means one thing only, you have doubts about your own sexuality. If this was a good dream (not some manifestation of a nightmare) maybe whomever you had sex with was your definition of what love should be. This dream appears many times when you question people you may or may not have feelings for.

If you want more information on this type of dream I would suggest looking up, “Gender Reversal Sex”

Jul 25 '13

sydneynix8305 asked:

My mom keeps having this dream about my grandma that died 4 years ago. She used to sell Avon and we got rid of it and my mom has the dream where she's at my grandmas house and my grandma comes in and starts raising hell about her getting rid of her Avon and stuff that was in her house that we got rid of. What do you think it means?

Honestly dreams like this can mean a billion different things. I feel like your mom maybe didn’t know exactly what to do with her mothers old things, so she’s afraid she is making the wrong decision. Even though it’s just Avon, it could have meant a lot to your grandmother. I think your Mom really fears that.

Jul 10 '13
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